Word from the General Manager (CSI)

Dr. Laurent Bonardi is the General Director of Cité Scolaire Internationale and Founding Principal of African International School.

Welcome to African International School!

African International School (AIS) is the realization of Cité Scolaire Internationale and Teyliom properties’ vision to bring quality independent boarding school education to the Levant as a means of educating the next generation of regional and global leaders. Enrolling students from Preschool to 12th grade, AIS offers an educational experience unique in West Africa—one that emulates the college-preparatory model of American boarding schools while at the same time upholding and honoring a distinctive African identity.

Since the foundation of its first school in 1996, Cité Scolaire Scolaire Internationale welcomes students from Senegal, Africa, and other countries from around the world. They have found challenges and holistic development through our ambitious academic program, which balances their intellectual, physical, creative, and social development.