Teyliom Properties

01 / 06

Develops diverse major projects: offices, commercial, and residential real estate, in Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mali.

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Teyliom Hospitality

02 / 06

Africa deserves hotels that meet the highest international standards. At Teyliom Hospitality, we recognized that the time has emerged to offer a new hospitality experience for the travelers in Africa.

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Teyliom Energies

03 / 06

Provides the raw materials for growth, anticipated for the new and renewable energy. This challenge naturally fits Teyliom DNA.

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Teyliom Finance

04 / 06

Banking and non banking financial services in Ivory Coast and Senegal. Bridge Bank Group was founded as part of Teyliom Group investments in the financial sector in West Africa.

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Teyliom Industries

05 / 06

Operating, and Distribution of mineral water and fruit juice produced in its plant located in Côte D'Ivoire / Logistics activities in Senegal.

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Teyliom Telecom

06 / 06

Teyliom Telecom doesn’t only invest in mobile technology, but also in new tools of communication and data transmission (WiMAX / CDMA).

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