Teyliom Group

Teyliom is a panafrican Group based in Sub-Saharan Africa with a strong presence in various sectors in West and Central Africa such as Property, Hospitality, Finance, Industry and Telecom.

The Group has been established in 2001, was initially active in the Telecom Sector and shifted to Real Estate in 2005.

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Become the reference investor in Africa region by laying the foundation of diversified and innovative activities around our key businesses.

Corporate Mission

Contribute to Africa’s development by providing innovative products and services tailored to fit needs of both B2C, B2B and B2G customer segments.

The Strategy

Our strategy is structured around three pillars

The group
key figures

Our group is constantly expanding and doesn’t stand still. Take a look at some of our stats.

0B 0B Total Assets in € (euros)
0M 0M the Group revenue in 2019 in € (euros)
0M 0M Investments in € (euros)
0 0 Staff
0 0 Countries
Sierra Leone
Ivory Coast

Our group has created the following comittees


Supervision and control of the reliability of financial information communicated to shareholders

Investment & Strategy

Supervision of strategy implementation and assessment of risks linked to short, mid and long term investments

Human Resources

The end-to-end supervision of HR policies and procedures to strenghen the attractivity of the company and the retention of talents

108 108 Executive Comittees
10 10 Audit Comittees
04 04 Investment and Strategy Comittees
07 07 Human Resources Comittees

Gouvernance Pillars

Headcount per Business Unit

Capital Strategic Outreach to financial and operational partners.

33 33


Operational Excellence and Risk Management.

776 776


Optimization of Investment profitability.

291 291


Human resources development and IT systems enhancement.

257 257


Compliance with International Standards.

104 104



Creativity & Innovation

Into actionnable ideas

As one of our utmost principles, Innovation is at the Core of Teyliom, from the vision of providing a High-quality Real Estate experience to our customers to paving the way from a knowledge-based to a strong innovation-driven economy through our diverse companies.

Trendsetters of forward-thinking investments across a diverse portofolio of real estate projects, Teyliom has set the standard in West Africa and have started exporting the expertise out of the sub-region.

For instance, in the Hospitality industry, Teyliom has been one the first group who has launched a homegrown multi-brand hospitality chain aiming to set up a pure african lifestyle experience to business and leasure tourists visiting the continent. This vision already led to the opening of iconic hotels in West Africa such as Radisson Blu Dakar, Noom Abidjan, Noom Niamey, Seen Abidjan, Yaas Dakar or Noom Conakry.

For over 15 years, Teyliom has layed the fundations of innovation in Real Estate industry in West Africa.