01 / 18
  • Launch of the Waterfront CI project by Teyliom Properties Côte d'Ivoire

  • Launch of the Noom Hotel Bouaké by TEYCO

02 / 18
  • Opening of the NOOM Abidjan, a 5-star establishment in the heart of the Plateau, the business district of the Ivorian capital

  • Opening of the Bridge Bank Senegal subsidiary

  • Launch of Bridge Bank Senegal

03 / 18
  • Opening of the new Government offices in the new urban center of Diamniadio through the SPHEREX infrastructure (64.000m²)

  • Opening of Noom Niamey

04 / 18
  • Launch of Bridge MicroFinance (BMF) under a partnership involving MTN Côte d’Ivoire and the Kenyan Bank CBA

  • Acquisition of a minority stake of 20% in the capital of Tigo Senegal

05 / 18
  • Opening of Seen Hotel Abidjan

  • Launch of Bridge Securities and Bridge Asset Management

  • Launch of the logistic activity in DIASS next to the airport through the company Teyliom Logistics

  • Obtaining of the certification ISO 9001-2015 by Teyliom Group Côte d’Ivoire

06 / 18
  • Opening of Noom Hotel Conakry in Guinea

  • Celebration of the ten years of Bridge Bank Group Ivory Coast

  • Opening of Yaas Hotel Almadies in Dakar

  • Commencement of Works of Diamniadio’s projects by SPHEREX and TEYCO

  • Commencement of Works of Noom Hotel Cotonou and Noom Hotel Niamey

07 / 18
  • Opening of the capital of Chain Hotel Conakry to the Investment Fund “FISEA” (PROPARCO) at a stake of 23%

  • Signature with Senegal Governement of a emphyteutic lease of 120 ha in the context of the Priority program of the Development of Diamniadio’s urban center involving the construction of commercial, residential and hospitality infrastructures

08 / 18
  • Opening of the capital of Bridge Group West Africa (BGWA) to the Investment fund “AfricInvest”

09 / 18
  • Establishment of the organization of Inaugure Hospitality Group in Barcelone

  • Opening of the capital of Continental Beverage Company (CBC) with the entry of the Fund “African Agriculture Fund” at 25% of the capital shares

  • Change of the Group Brand from Teylium to Teyliom

  • Acquisition of a minority stake of 32% in the capital of BNDE in Senegal

  • Commencement of Works of Noom Hotel Cotonou and Noom Hotel Niamey

10 / 18
  • Sale of 3% of shares owned in MTN CI’s Capital bringing down the stake to 7%

  • Sale of all the shares owned in the capital of TPLUS Telecommunication Cap Vert

  • Commencement of works of Noom Hotel Conakry

  • Opening of the office of Inaugure Hospitality Group in 2012 and 2013 in Barcelone, Spain

11 / 18
  • Sale of all the shares owned in the capital of Intercel Holding

  • Final acceptance and Commissionning of Trilenium 2 Building in Bamako

  • Launch of the Real Estate project “Horizon” in Dakar

12 / 18
  • Opening of Sea Plaza Shopping Mall in Dakar

  • Final Acceptance of Rivonia Tower in Dakar

  • Sale of 25% of shares owned in Intercel Holding’s Capital

13 / 18
  • Opening of Radisson Blu Hotel Dakar

  • Final Acceptance of Atryum Center Building in Dakar

  • Final Acceptance of Phases 1 and 2 of the real estate project of the company “Société Immobilière du Golf”

14 / 18

Final acceptance of the construction of following buildings:

  • Teyliom GROUP HQ Building in Abidjan

  • Ngor Coralia Residence in Dakar

  • Sale of 5% of shares owned in MTN Ivory Coast Capital bringing down the capital stake to 10%

15 / 18
  • Land Acquisition in Ivory Coast (55.000 m²)

  • Strengthening of the capital base of Bridge Bank Ivory Coast with the entry in the capital of CAURIS INVESTISSEMENT

  • Launch of TPLUS Telecommunications Cap Vert’s Mobile Network in December 2007

16 / 18
  • Obtaining the Mobile Telephony Licence in Cap-Vert and creation of the company TPLUS Telecommunication Cap Vert

  • Taking the majority stake in the Mobile operator INTERCEL Guinea

  • Launch of Bridge Bank Ivory Coast

  • Launch of Continental Beverage Company

  • Support offices of Dubai and Abidjan shut down and opening of Genève’s office

17 / 18
  • Sale of 51% of shares of Telecel Ivory Coast to MTN Group

  • Organizational design of Teyliom International through the adequate human and financial ressources and the creation of support offices in Dubai and Abidjan

18 / 18
  • Creation of Teyliom International

  • Creation of Teyliom Telecom