Teyliom Industries

Teyliom Industries goal is to offer its consumers high quality products meeting the international standards.

Teyliom Industries hold all the Group’s shares in various sectors such as Construction, agro-industry and PVC manufacturing industry.

Construction: A reference construction company 

Regarding Constuction industry, since 2016 our Group has created a firm named Teyliom Constructions (TEYCO) as result of a strategic move intended to include this expertise in our service portofolio to enhance the end-customer satisfaction and in line with the upcoming development of the new city of Diamniadio, Senegal. The entity is specialized in all categories of construction industry such as Building construction in concrete and metallic structure, service of civil works, foundation engineering and Technical studies. Besides the company is endowed with a large set of construction equipment enhancing the agility of the logistic Chain.

The main achievement of TEYCO is the end-to-end operational management of the construction of a mega governmental structure of 64,000 sqm welcoming on a daily basis more than 3,000 government officers working for 12 ministries and located in Diamniadio.

Agro Industry: Operating and Distribution of mineral water and fruit juice produced in its plant located in Côte D’Ivoire

In december 2013, the Group decided to establish the company “Boissons d’Afrique” specifically to develop and manage its investments in this sector. At the end of 2019, Continental Beverage Company (CBC), owned by Boissons d’Afrique is the Group’s sole operating assets. The Continental Beverage Company (CBC) has successfully launched a new natural mineral water brand (Olgane) in the Ivorian market.

PVC Manufacturing: The Second most important company in Senegal 

POLYTEK is an industrial company owned by CSE Group and Teyliom Group specialized in the manufacturing and sales of PVC tubes, PEHD, PP and corrugated tubes. Located in the Special Economic Zone of Diass in Senegal, POLYTEK is the 2nd most important company of the sector in Senegal with 11.000 tons per year projected. POLYTEK’s concept is timely and is intended to properly answer the market gaps and the growing needs of the economic actors.