AfricInvest, a leading investment platform active in multiple alternative asset classes including private equity, venture capital, private credit and listed equities, is pleased to announce that both funds AfricInvest II LLC and AfricInvest Financial Sector Fund Ltd have exited from their investment in Bridge Group West Africa “BGWA,” a financial services holding company controlled by Teyliom International Group “Teyliom.”

During the investment period, AfricInvest has accompanied BGWA on its growth journey from a single- country commercial banking business, Bridge Bank Group Côte d’Ivoire, to a diversified regional group that today covers Senegal through Bridge Bank Senegal, and has expanded to other non-banking financial services in Cote d’Ivoire, such as Brokerage and Asset Management through Bridge Securities and Bridge Asset Management, and micro finance via an innovative mobile-centric savings and loans service (through Bridge Micro Finance “BMF”). With the support of AfricInvest, Bridge Bank broadened access to finance and credit for SMEs and vulnerable people in West Africa thereby promoting formalization and expansion of businesses comprising the vast majority of employment in the region and contributing to poverty alleviation.

Skander Oueslati, Chief Investment Officer and Senior Partner at AfricInvest said, “We are pleased to have partnered with BGWA in its diversification strategy. Indeed, Africinvest Group was at the origin of new partnerships for the launch of Bridge Securities and Bridge Asset Management with Tunisie Valeurs as technical and financial partner. Moreover, AfricInvest played an active role in the inception of BMF by bringing to the table the East African bank NCBA Group (owner of the leading mobile enabled nano- loans product in Kenya) to help introduce “MoMo Kash” the first mobile-enabled nano-loan and nano- deposit product in the Ivoirian market, increasing financial access to low-income populations.

Hichem Ghanmi, Senior Partner at AfricInvest added, “During the investment period, AfricInvest’s support has enabled BGWA to grow from strength to strength, pioneering solutions for financial inclusion in Côte d’Ivoire. We have been delighted to support BGWA’s growth strategy with best-in class top management, including M. Yerim Sow, a true visionary entrepreneur always looking for impactful projects

Jean-Charles Besse, CFO of Teyliom, said “Teyliom and AfricInvest have worked extremely hard with the executive team of our affiliate companies to overcome a challenging economic and financial environment to deliver meaningful growth to BGWA. Our financial services business line will continue to be one of the key drivers of the Teyliom Group’s growth.

Yerim Sow, CEO and Chairman of Teyliom concluded, “We thank AfricInvest for the role they have played, and expertise shared with us since 2014. We particularly thank the team involved in the board of directors for their professionalism and constructive collaboration.

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